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Antenatal Attendance and Fees

 Antenatal Attendance and Fees

We are happy to care for both privately insured and public patients. In ORIGYN both are treated with the same high level of care.

If you have private insurance, hospital management encourages you to use it.

Depending on your obstetric insurance there are usually NO out of pocket expenses for delivery and postnatal care.

The team at ORIGYN has a true passion for obstetrics and as such, aspires to provide safe individualised care, based on evidence-based practice. We would like every patient to feel that they have received the highest level of health care and support throughout their pregnancy.

We rotate our on call commitments to support each other, and to facilitate safe intra-partum care.

ORIGYN gives patients an alternative to the public hospital antenatal clinic with the advantage of having their own personal obstetric team.


Our Free Structure

Initial antenatal consultation $150 (Medicare rebate $76.95)

Subsequent antenatal visits $96 (rebate $42.40)

Pregnancy planning and management fee at 28 weeks $500 (rebate $39.75)

Out of pocket cost for our services and 24 hour availability over the entire pregnancy is approximately $700


Antenatal Attendance

As a general rule we will review you every 4 weeks until 32 weeks and fortnightly until delivery.

Please note that the number of visits may vary between women depending on their individual risk factors and pregnancy details.

All women will be looked after based on their individual needs and clinical requirements.


Post Natal Attendance

We will provide a routine post natal check for all our women at 6-8 weeks.

As GP obstricians we are also able to provide a 6 -8 week check for your baby if you wish.