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Obestetric and Healthcare Services

Obsteric and Healthcare Services

  • Pre- conception counselling

  • Pregnancy planning

  • Anomaly screening investigations

  • Monitoring for health complications in pregnancy (diabetes, pre-eclampsia)

  • Discussing birth options and modes of delivery

  • Counselling and management of Vaginal birth after Caesarean section

  • Planned elective Caesarean section when clinically indicated

  • Facilitating spontaneous labour and natural vaginal birth

  • Management of labour and delivery

  • Post delivery care and baby checks

  • Post delivery contraception including Implanon and Mirena IUD Insertion

  • Managing feeding issues and Tongue Ties


Please Note: 

Armitage medical centre also provides services including Vasectomy and Circumcision and patients can be referred if they wish to discuss these medical procedures further